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Bringing you the world’s latest technology with the most immersive lifetime experience that will change your view of advertisements and communications.
skAI uses nano liquid crystal polymers integrated with a unique hardware and software application to convert any transparent surface into a high quality display of dynamic and static content. This proprietary solution gives you the freedom to upload any content on any screen at any time from anywhere around the globe using our customised dashboard in form of an app and website.
skAI is the only system in the world that gives you the freedom of showcasing your talents, products anywhere in our installed ecosystem just by the click of a button.
Moreover, your data is end-to-end encrypted to give you a secure connection between your uploads and the device interface.
Our goal is to make the world more interactive and intuitive with the help of AI. We don’t believe in replacing humans with machines but in making machines serve humans in the most intelligent ways possible.


skAI technology converts transparent glass screens into smart advertisement display screens. Our unique combination of AI based micro server and nano particles based display technology can be used by businesses to create state-of-the-art advertisement display of their products and services. All this comes with an unparalleled freedom to upload any content on any screen at any time from anywhere around the globe!
Uses a unique nano liquid crystal compound to convert a transparent glass to a dynamic advertisement screen. Is integrated with a unique hardware, which is compatible with all formats i.e., video, images, video with audio, etc. and all types of content – dynamic as well as static. The unique patented software application provides unmatched security and data privacy. Offers high contrast and very high-quality images.


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